Published 11 June 2021

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2021 Hydropower Status Report underscores need for rapid growth to achieve net zero

有关水电增长和bt356体育平台的最新数据显示,世界在实现净零排放的竞赛中仍处于危险的偏离轨道状态, according to the 2021 Hydropower Status Report.

Despite the global disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, bt356体育平台的报告显示,装机容量增加了1.6 per cent to 1,330 gigawatts (GW) over the past year.

'This is a wake-up call'

To limit dangerous global warming and achieve net zero by 2050, 然而,国际能源机构(IEA)表示,水力发电行业将需要这样做 double in size to 2,600 GW. 这相当于在未来30年里建设的能力相当于过去100年建设的能力.

“At the present rate of hydropower development, the global energy pathway to net zero emissions will not be realised,IHA主席罗杰·吉尔和IHA首席执行官埃迪·里奇在报告前言中警告道. “这是为决策者敲响了警钟, hydropower developers and project financiers and provides clarity for the public.

“投资可持续开发和负责任运营的水电,对于支持风力和太阳能等可变可再生能源的大规模扩张至关重要. However annual growth rates of 1.5%至2%无法满足国际能源机构(iea)提出的到2050年实现净零排放的目标,即将装机容量增加一倍.”

Hydropower's critical role

According to the report, 2019冠状病毒病危机进一步强调,水电提供的电力系统灵活性是目前清洁能源转型的先决条件. 2021年1月,欧洲最近发生了一次几乎停电的bt365体育娱乐,这说明了水电的关键作用.

Despite the slump in demand for fossil fuels experienced during 2020, hydropower generated a record 4,370 terawatt hours (TWh) of clean electricity – up from the previous record of 4,306 TWh in 2019. 这大约相当于美国全年的用电量.

2020年,全国水电装机容量达到21gw,比2019年增加了15 GW.6 GW. Nearly two-thirds of this growth came from China, which saw 13.8 GW of new capacity. Among other countries that added new capacity, only Turkey (2.5 GW) contributed more than 1 GW.

Major projects completed last year include the 2.1 GW Lauca facility in Angola, the 1.8 GW Jixi pumped storage facility in China and the Ilisu (1.2 GW) and Lower Kaleköy (0.5 GW) projects in Turkey. 最大的一个项目是中国的武东德(Wudongde),该公司将12家子公司中的8家上线,新增6家.8 GW to the Chinese grid. The remainder is expected to be commissioned in 2021.

中国的水电总装机容量超过370亿瓦,仍是世界第一. 巴西(109gw)、美国(102gw)、加拿大(82gw)和印度(50gw)占据了前五名. Japan and Russia are just behind India, followed by Norway (33 GW) and Turkey (31 GW).


这份《bt356体育平台》传达的信息是明确的——按照目前的水电开发速度, the global energy pathway to net zero emissions will not be realised. 这是为决策者敲响了警钟, hydropower developers and project financiers and provides clarity for the public.

Pictured: IHA CEO Eddie Rich (left) and IHA President Roger Gill (right)

投资于可持续开发和负责任运营的水电,对于支持风力和太阳能等可变可再生能源的大规模扩张至关重要. However annual growth rates of 1.5 to 2 per cent cannot meet the doubling of installed capacity proposed by the International Energy Agency to achieve net zero by 2050.

Despite the challenge ahead, there is reason for optimism. 企业、投资者和公民越来越认识到需要进行根本性变革. We are witnessing a momentum and a unity of voice not seen before. In recent months, the US has rejoined the Paris Agreement and, together with China and other significant carbon emitters, is on the road to setting ambitious targets to reach net zero.

Sustainable hydropower must be part of this journey. It is green, clean, modern, affordable and reliable. The forthcoming Hydropower Sustainability Standard, the new certification and rating system, will give hydropower developers and operators a means to demonstrate this. In addition, the newly formed International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower will soon set out policies to guide how clean, green water batteries with long duration storage can back up variable renewables.

As we prepare for the landmark 2021 World Hydropower Congress, to be followed by the historic United Nations Climate Conference (bt365体育娱乐), bt365体育娱乐必须利用所产生的能源,把可持续的水电放在它应该在的地方:过渡的核心.

IHA President Roger Gill and IHA CEO Eddie Rich

Executive summary

Now in its eighth edition, 《bt356体育平台》发布之际,全球仍在与Covid-19大流行作斗争. 复苏迹象正在显现,但预计2021年全年仍将出现相当大的破坏.

除新冠疫情外,气候变化挑战仍然是能源部门面临的主要问题. The International Energy Agency (IEA)’s flagship Net Zero by 2050 report, published in May 2021, suggests the world will need 2,到本世纪中叶,中国将拥有600吉瓦的水电装机容量,从而有机会将全球气温升幅控制在1摄氏度以下.5 degrees Celsius. 这意味着bt365体育娱乐需要在未来30年建设与过去100年相同数量的能力.

现在越来越清楚的是,bt365体育娱乐的作用将在未来几十年发生质的转变. While it will continue to provide low cost, baseload electricity in many markets, 水电将因其灵活性而日益受到重视,并为遏制全球变暖所需的风能和太阳能的巨大增长提供必要的支持.

Indeed, as recognised by the IEA, hydropower will become the dominant source of flexible electricity by 2050, 因此,必须加大投资力度,以确保未来几十年的低碳能源安全.

过去一年发生的bt365体育娱乐表明,电力系统现在需要灵活性. In Europe, in January 2021 a blackout event was avoided through the support of highly flexible sources of generation like hydropower, 相反,在2021年2月的德克萨斯州,由于极端天气,电力供应中断,没有足够的灵活发电来弥补.

New hydropower installed capacity by region in 2020 (MW)

This report shows the hydropower sector generated a record 4,2020年清洁电力达到370太瓦时(TWh),高于此前4太瓦时的纪录,306 TWh in 2019. To put this into context, 这大约相当于美国全年的用电量.

Overall hydropower installed capacity reached 1,330 gigawatts (GW) in 2020. This represents year-on-year growth of 1.这一比例高于2019年,但仍远低于水电为应对气候变化做出重要贡献所需的逾2%.

During 2020, hydropower projects totalling 21 GW in capacity were put into operation, up on 2019’s 15.6 GW. Nearly two-thirds of this growth came from China, which saw 13.8 GW of new capacity. Among other countries that added new capacity in 2020, only Turkey (2.5 GW) added more than 1 GW.

Pumped storage hydropower totalled 1.5 GW of the new additions in capacity, up on the 304 MW added in 2019. Most of this was in China (1.2 GW), 以色列也在创新融资模式下启用了300兆瓦的基利波山项目.

Major projects completed in 2020 included the 2.1 GW Lauca facility in Angola, the 1.8 GW Jixi pumped storage facility in China and the Ilisu (1.2 GW) and Lower Kaleköy (0.5 GW) projects in Turkey. The single biggest increase in capacity was in China, where the Wudongde project put eight of its 12 units online, adding 6.8 GW to the Chinese grid. The remainder is expected to be commissioned in 2021.

中国的水电总装机容量超过370亿瓦,仍是世界第一. 巴西(109gw)、美国(102gw)、加拿大(82gw)和印度(50gw)占据了前五名. Japan and Russia are just behind India, followed by Norway (33 GW) and Turkey (31 GW).

Projects completed in 2020 (MW)


bt365体育娱乐不断跟踪和更新本报告中提出的数据,以说明bt365体育娱乐的全球水电数据库中的新信息,该数据库跟踪了超过13个国家,000 stations in over 150 countries.

数据是由一组分析人员根据政府官方统计数据收集而成的, regulation agencies, transmission network operators and asset owners; (2) scientific articles and reports; (3) daily news reports involving hydropower plant development, official declarations of contracts, and equipment deals; and (4) direct consultation with operators and industry sources.

When generation data from primary sources are not available, estimates are prepared based on the previous year’s figure, averaged capacity factors and regional meteorological events and data.

对于少数国家,已用新的资料更新了往年的能力数据. 这意味着,与前几年的报告相比,这些国家的报告将逐年增加, but these increased capacity numbers are not treated as capacity added in 2020.

Hydropower capacity by region in 2020 (GW)

Hydropower growth in context

2020年水电总装机容量新增21万千瓦,比上年增长1亿千瓦.6 per cent on the previous year. 相比之下, 2016年至2020年五年,装机容量同比平均增长1个.8 per cent. 然而,重要的是要注意的是,年度增长可能会有很大的不同,这取决于主要项目的时间, which are years in development, are commissioned.

Notwithstanding, the world needs significantly more hydropower, to be built at a much faster rate, if it is to tackle climate change. 国际能源机构(IEA)和国际可再生能源机构(IRENA)等多边机构此前曾表示,要将全球变暖控制在2摄氏度以下,世界需要新增约850吉瓦的水电. 要达到这一目标,就需要每年平均增长2%左右.

But if we want to limit temperature rises to 1.5 degrees the challenge is greater. The IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 report now estimates some 1,300 GW of new hydropower capacity is needed by 2050. 为了实现这一更长远的目标,每年的增长需要增加到至少2.3 per cent if the world starts building at this rate now.

In addition, the global hydropower fleet is ageing, 尽管很多地方可以bt356体育平台,但一些人的退休是不可避免的, affecting future capacity.

Hydropower installed capacity growth, 2016-2020 (GW)

Regional developments

North and Central America

• In the United States, hydropower industry and civil society stakeholders came to an historic agreement. The ‘Uncommon Dialogue’ will address climate change by advancing renewable energy while protecting rivers.

• In Canada, Québec政府批准了阿巴拉契斯-缅因互连线项目,该项目每年将为美国提供大约10太瓦时的清洁水电.

• Costa Rica nearly reached 100 per cent renewable electricity production in 2020. 这是包括水力发电在内的可再生能源连续第六年产出超过98%.


• In Honduras, 美洲开发银行批准了一笔1800万美元的贷款,用于对300兆瓦的弗朗西斯科Morazán水电站进行bt356体育平台改造, the largest in the country.

South America

• Itaipu, on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, continued setting records in production and production efficiency. In 2020, the plant celebrated the milestone of 2.7 TWh of electricity produced since it started operations in 1984.

• In Brazil, 公司Hidrelétrica做São弗朗西斯科(CHESF)委托安德里茨进行bt356体育平台1,050 MW Sobradinho plant.

•美洲开发银行(Inter-American Development Bank)批准了额外的9亿美元来完成这两个项目,2018年,哥伦比亚400兆瓦的Ituango项目发生重大施工事故,可能导致土木工程史上最大的保险索赔之一.

•玻利维亚恢复了在科恰班巴和拉巴斯的290兆瓦的Ivirizu和204兆瓦的Miguillas水电项目的建设, with a total investment of nearly US$1,000 million.


• In 2020, 在欧盟,所有可再生能源加起来产生的电力首次超过化石燃料, representing a key milestone towards decarbonisation.

• While demand reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, total hydropower generation was 4 per cent higher compared to 2019, largely due to increased output in the Nordics and Iberia.

• Turkey added 2,480 MW new hydropower capacity, with major plants commissioned such as 1,224 MW Ilisu, 429 MW Cetin, 120 MW Alpaslan II and 500 MW Lower Kaleköy.

• Major policy updates include the EU Green Deal, the EU Taxonomy Regulation for environmentally sustainable investment, and the launch of the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

•2020年投产的其他水电站包括197兆瓦的阿尔巴尼亚Moglice水电站, and a number of facilities in Norway increasing national capacity by 324 MW.

Top 10 countries by new installed capacity (MW)


• Despite the disruptions and changes caused by Covid-19, 水电在该区域显示出了弹性,在几个国家的电力结构中所占的份额不断增加, such as Ethiopia, Angola and Guinea.

•2020年,非洲大陆水电装机容量938兆瓦. 水电占总电力份额的16%,预计到2040年将增加到23%以上.

• With Lauca (2,071 MW) fully operational, Angola (3,836 MW) has become the second highest producer of hydropower on the continent, surpassing South Africa (3,596 MW) and behind only Ethiopia (4,074MW).

• Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam (6,000 MW) completed the first stage of filling its reservoir in July 2020 with 4.9 billion cubic metres of storage and is expected to become operational in 2023. Genale-Dawa III多用途项目(254兆瓦)也与埃塞俄比亚电网连接.

South and Central Asia

• In February 2021 a glacier burst 在印度北阿坎德邦发生的这起悲剧导致多人死亡,并严重破坏了两个在建的水电项目.


• In India, 在大流行期间,为显示团结一致,大规模调光9分钟,导致需求大幅下降3100万千瓦,随后迅速增加. 印度电力系统的规划者依靠水力发电来应对需求的极端波动.

• In Israel, 300兆瓦的基利波山抽水蓄能水电站开始商业运营,这是中国以外唯一一个于2020年投入使用的抽水蓄能电站. 它在一种创新的融资机制下运作,为工厂的可用性支付18-20年的费用.

East Asia and Pacific

• The momentum of divesting from fossil fuels continued to grow across the region, as China, Japan, 韩国和东盟国家宣布了加快向可再生能源过渡的承诺.

• In 2020, China added a total of 13.76 GW of new hydropower capacity, including 1.2 GW of pumped storage from the last four units of Jixi project.

• China’s 10.200万千瓦的武东德水电站计划于2021年7月全面投产,建成后将成为中国第四大、世界第七大水电项目.

•马来西亚正式承认“大型水力发电”是可再生能源定义的一部分, in line with other countries internationally.

• Pumped storage projects in Australia made significant progress, including Snowy 2.0, the Battery of the Nation and the Marinus Link.

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Sector developments

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Clean energy systems

A defining year for pumped storage hydropower

2019冠状病毒病和极端天气bt365体育娱乐的影响表明,抽水蓄能水电解决方案可以应对电网运营商面临的越来越多的挑战. 在全球封锁最严重的时期,电力需求下降了高达30%. Over these periods of low electricity demand, 抽水蓄能被《bt356体育平台》誉为“维持英国电力供应的第一道防线”。. In November 2020 the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower 作为一个由政府领导的多方利益相关者平台,旨在塑造和增强PSH在未来电力系统中的作用. The forum is co-chaired by the U.S. Department of Energy and former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull.

IEA report models a doubling of hydropower capacity to achieve net zero

To successfully limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees Celsius, reducing global CO₂ emissions to net zero is essential. The IEA’s Net Zero by 2050 report was released in May 2021, modelling how the global energy sector may successfully decarbonise by 2050. In the Net Zero Emissions (NZE) scenario, while solar PV and wind are modelled as generating the vast majority of electricity, hydropower will continue to steadily grow, “到2050年翻一番”,成为最大的灵活发电的单一来源. Further to this, the report emphasised the role pumped storage hydropower could play, 声明它“提供了一种有吸引力的方式,可以在数小时或数天内提供灵活性”. 氢被认为在长期的季节性储存中具有潜在的重要作用.

Coupling green hydrogen with hydropower could create a net zero future

由脱碳电和水通过电解过程产生, 绿色氢将成为向净零碳经济过渡的重要组成部分. 作为一种无排放的气体,它可以在一些难以减少的关键行业替代化石燃料, including heavy industry, transport and shipping. In 2021 IHA released a research and policy paper, ‘The green hydrogen revolution: hydropower’s transformative role’, outlining how hydropower could be pivotal in supporting growth in green hydrogen. Most hydrogen is currently produced from fossil fuels, but 2050 projections by IRENA, 氢理事会和其他机构认为,可再生的低碳绿色氢在未来几十年可能会急剧增长. 该文件的最后部分提出了扩大生产的建议,以及将项目与清洁水电结合起来的机会.

IDB: ‘Significant potential’ in Latin America for pumped storage hydro

抽水蓄能在拉丁美洲和加勒比地区具有大规模蓄能应用的巨大潜力, especially considering the vast existing hydropower infrastructure in the region, according to the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB). 他们题为“充电状态:拉丁美洲和加勒比地区的储能”的报告审查了储能技术在拉丁美洲和加勒比地区电网中目前和潜在的作用,并就监管和政策变化提出了建议,以加快该地区的储能应用. 该报告还指出,全球抽水蓄能产业的规模估计为3000亿美元,预计到2026年将增长到4000亿美元.

Near-blackout in Europe shows hydropower’s crucial role in green transition

In January 2021, a blackout event in Europe 足以与2021年2月德州电力危机相匹敌的危机,仅以极小的差距得以避免, 根据欧洲传输系统运营商网络(ENTSO-E)的评估,. On 8 January 2021, 克罗地亚一个变电站的故障导致欧洲东南部电网频率急剧上升,而西北部电网的频率相应下降. 这种频率的下降(或供应不足)如果不能在几秒钟内得到解决,通常会导致严重的电力故障和大范围的停电. Fortunately, 由于灵活的水力发电和天然气峰值电站迅速增加发电量,灾难得以避免, as well as load shedding in France and Italy. While in this case the system worked as it was intended to, 这次险遭停电事故凸显了水电灵活性和存储服务的重要性.

XFLEX HYDRO: Major step forward for EU funded hydropower initiative

The EU-funded XFLEX HYDRO initiative to demonstrate how smart hydropower technologies can deliver a low-carbon, reliable and resilient power system published its first major report in November 2020. 该报告评估了欧洲电网预计需要的未来辅助服务, technical requirements and corresponding markets. In April 2021, 该项目的电池储能系统(BESS)容器也抵达了法国电力公司(EDF)的Vogelgrun水电站. Vogelgrun is a 142 MW run-of-river plant in France, where one of the plant’s Kaplan turbine units will be hybridised with the battery.

Investing in pumped storage can save energy system costs

A study by independent researchers from Imperial College London found that just 4.到2050年,5吉瓦的长时间抽水水力发电加上90吉瓦时的蓄能,每年可节省高达6.9亿英镑的能源系统成本, as the UK transitions to a net zero carbon emission system. Commissioned by SSE Renewables, 报告bt356体育平台,75%的清洁能源系统节省的成本中,有5%来自于避免了其他企业低碳发电来源的资本成本, 进一步证明抽水蓄能水电作为短期和长期系统灵活性的提供者的成本效益和能力.

US DOE: New valuation guidebook for pumped storage

The new US Department of Energy published a valuation handbook, led by Argonne National Laboratory, that illustrates the value of investing in pumped storage. The guide measures both monetised and non-monetised value streams. For example planning a new project can examine effects of market rules and mechanisms, and the likelihood of recouping investment. 监管机构可以判断一个项目是否经济,并预测新电厂何时会对消费者的电价产生积极影响. 金融机构在批准贷款或贷款担保之前,可以得到担保.

Finance and modernisation

IRENA outlook report underlines need for renewables investment

从现在到2050年,能源转型投资必须比计划投资增加30%,达到131万亿美元, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The agency’s ‘1.“5°C路径”计划预计,到2050年,电力将成为主要的能源载体,可再生能源发电能力将在同期扩大10倍以上. The increase in investment would correspond to a global spend of US$4.4 trillion on average every year, including US$85 billion a year for hydropower, excluding pumped storage.

Hydropower sector receives green light for climate bond finance

The Climate Bonds Standard criteria for hydropower were launched in early 2021 representing a major milestone for the sector. CBI认证的气候债券被广泛认为是将投资引向支持《bt365体育娱乐》的基础设施、同时减少对环境和社区负面影响的最佳方式. Following the announcement, developers, banks, 政府和其他投资者现在可以发行经过认证的气候债券,为符合严格社会要求的水电项目融资或再融资, environmental and climate criteria. Pumped storage, run-ofriver and impoundment facilities of any size are eligible. 该准则规定使用水电可持续性ESG差距分析工具,根据良好做法评估差距,以及G-res工具,报告温室气体净排放量.

EU recognition of sustainable hydropower in investment rules

The European Commission made changes to its proposed investment criteria for hydropower, 发布了欧盟气候委托分类法(环境可持续经济活动的分类系统)的更新. The criteria for hydropower are now more context specific. 河流电站或功率密度在5W/m2以上的电站无需进行基于生命周期的温室气体排放评估,以证明它们符合100g的阈值. 有蓄水池且功率密度低于5W/m2的电站必须确认它们符合阈值. Importantly, 该法案现在还承认,所有类型的抽水蓄能水力发电对缓解气候变化做出了重大贡献. 该法案现已与水电可持续性ESG差距分析工具中描述的水电部门良好实践要求相一致, 遵守这一规定是通过气候债券倡议获得绿色债券融资的必要条件.

New guide on hydropower investment in Africa highlights opportunities

而水力发电是非洲可再生电力的主要供应商,装机容量超过38吉瓦, the continent has the highest untapped potential in the world, with only 11 per cent utilised. Addleshaw Goddard, with assistance from IHA, released ‘An Investor’s Guide to Hydropower in Africa为投资者提供重要信息,以支持水电项目的可持续bt356体育平台. According to the World Bank, around US$100 billion of infrastructure investment is needed in the region, however of the more than US$8 billion invested in infrastructure in 2017, less than 3 per cent came from the private sector. The new guide will help host governments, private investors, 出资方和国内采购实体了解法律上的可银行性问题, legal systems and law relevant to the hydropower sector of the 11 countries featured.

NHA paper identifies solutions for new pumped storage development

As part of the International Forum on Pumped Storage Hydropower, 美国国家水电协会宣布提交抽水蓄能水电(PSH)政策文件,旨在确定在美国启动开发的挑战和解决方案. NHA co-authored the U.S. Markets and Policy Paper with General Electric, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and PSH developers. The paper identifies the critical challenges, barriers and opportunities for accelerating pumped storage development in the U.S. Among these, 合著者提出了几个挑战,包括:对各种网格服务缺乏重新命名, demonstrating the value of PSH over other storage technologies, 不公平的政策待遇和收入不确定性是PSHbt356体育平台的一些障碍. 该报告为包括国会在内的多个司法管辖区的政策改革提出了八项具体建议, wholesale markets and state level policies.

Studies identify significant investment needs in hydropower modernisation

In 2020, IHA与美洲开发银行(IDB)和亚洲基础设施投资银行(AIIB)完成了研究,确定了该地区水电的重大bt356体育平台需求. In the case of Latin America, 超过1500万千瓦的现有产能被确定为急需进行bt356体育平台改造, 水电设备估计需要50亿美元以上的投资. With regard to Asia, 超过600万千瓦被评估为急需bt356体育平台,代表着大约30亿美元的投资潜力. The studies shed light on the global issue of ageing hydropower capacity, 以及修复和升级现有基础设施所需的努力规模. 研究还指出,bt356体育平台项目带来的机遇不仅在于延长生产资产的寿命, 但也包括增加产能和优化工厂,以适应它们未来在可再生能源组合中的角色.

Climate and water

Landmark agreement between US hydropower and conservation groups

The United States’ hydropower industry joined forces with American Rivers, the World Wildlife Fund, and other environmental and river organisations released a joint statement of collaboration on U.S. hydropower 提高水电可再生能源和储能效益和健康河流的环境和经济效益. After a two-and-a-half year discussion, facilitated under Stanford University’s Uncommon Dialogue process, the parties have agreed to work together to address a range of challenges, including licensing and relicensing, dam safety, and valuing hydropower’s grid services.

HydroSediNET launches to promote sustainable sediment management

HydroSediNET倡议是一个全球协作平台,旨在连接支持该规划的专家和创新者, 实施和运行有效的和可持续的泥沙管理的水库和径流河水电站. 该项目由奥地利联邦财政部提供资金,由世界银行的ESMAP水电开发基金管理, 该计划将把发表研究报告和开发泥沙管理策略的组织聚集在一起. The network is supported by seven founding members including IHA.

IEA reports on climate impacts on Africa and Latin American hydropower

国际能源署推出了一系列关于气候影响的出版物,其中包括国际能源署的贡献. 报告认识到各地区之间存在巨大差异,并建议进行系统性评估和采取应对措施. Countries are urged to scale up the resilience of hydropower plants, mobilise investment in modernisation, foster climate risk insurance, and support climate research to improve projection accuracy.

New World Bank risk management guidance

The World Bank Group issued a new good practice note on dam safety. 该指南还附有七项技术说明,对水文风险提供了更详细的解释和指导, geotechnical risk, seismic risk, small dam safety, potential failure modes analysis, portfolio risk assessment, and tailings storage facilities. Since 2003, the Bank has financed over US$50 billion worth of investments that involve dams, including rehabilitation and upgrading of existing dams, construction of new facilities, and financing for preparatory studies for proposed dams.

Resilience rating system developed by World Bank

世界银行开发了一套复原力评级系统,为评估复原力提供指导和具体标准. This system rates the confidence that expected investment outcomes will be achieved, based on whether a project has considered climate and disaster risks in its design, incorporated adaptation measures, and demonstrated economic viability despite climate risks. In addition, 它根据投资是否以提高更广泛的社区或部门的气候适应能力为目标,来评估项目对适应性bt356体育平台路径的贡献. IHA的水电部门气候适应能力指南被强调为实现适应能力的关键参考文件.

Research project to mitigate impacts on fish

水电是通过应对气候变化来保护地球生物圈的解决方案之一. However hydropower projects need to avoid, minimise, mitigate or compensate for their impacts on freshwater species. 一个新的FIThydro研究项目已经启动,其重点是制定基于科学、具有成本效益的环境解决方案和战略,以减轻对鱼类种群的不利影响.

Sustainability assessments

Projects achieve international good practice

The Dibwangui 加蓬的水电项目被评为可持续性设计和规划方面的国际良好做法范例, 使用水电可持续性ESG差距分析工具进行了独立评估. In addition, the Stortemelk hydropower project in South Africa 在使用该工具进行评估后,被认为是一个令人印象深刻的小水电可持续bt356体育平台的例子. The Stortemelk project was the first to be assessed remotely using new remote assessment guidance. The methodology, issued in response to Covid-19 travel and safety restrictions, allows assessors to use drones, videoconferencing, live video inspection, satellite images, as well as online interviews and surveys, to conduct project assessments.

New chair of the hydropower sustainability council

One of the world’s leading experts on sustainable development, Dr Ashok Khosla, became independent chair of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Council, which governs sustainability guidance for hydropower. Dr Ashok Khosla was an adviser to the Brundtland Commission, 里约热内卢首脑会议非政府组织论坛主席兼国际自然保护联盟(IUCN)主席. 委员会的首要任务之一是引入水电可持续性标准, a certification system built on the Hydropower Sustainability Tools, which will be launched at the World Hydropower Congress in September 2021.

How-to guides released for hydropower practitioners

Three new guides have been released by IHA for hydropower practitioners based on the Hydropower Sustainability Tools. The How-to Guide on Hydropower Resettlement 帮助公司设计和实施重新安置计划,尊重受影响社区的尊严和人权. Good practice requires a participatory process based on fairness and equity, with the aim of achieving a sustainable improvement in the lives of resettles. The How-to Guide on Downstream Flow Regimes 目的是让从业员掌握足够的河流管理知识,以尽量减少对下游水流的影响,同时使工程项目的效益最大化. The How-to Guide on Hydropower Biodiversity and Invasive Species 帮助开发商和运营商更好地管理水电项目对生物多样性的影响. It also addresses the assessment and planning for invasive species management.

Launch of new hydropower sustainability training academy

IHA launched a training academy for sustainable hydropower, 以其25年开发水电开发指南的经验为基础, as well as its expertise in delivering training and capacity building programmes. The Hydropower Sustainability Training Academy offers courses based on the internationally recognised Hydropower Sustainability Tools in addition to the G-res tool, which was developed to assess greenhouse gas emissions of reservoirs.

The new global sustainability standard for hydropower

水电可持续性评估委员会正在为水电制定新的全球可持续性标准, with support from the International Hydropower Association (IHA).

Under the proposal, 世界各地的水电项目都将获得独立的环境认证和评级, social and governance (ESG) performance.

The Hydropower Sustainability Standard will recognise leading projects, 同时让所有开发商和运营商有机会按照国际惯例加强他们的表现.

The Hydropower Sustainability Standard will build on the existing Hydropower Sustainability Tools, a set of guidelines and assessment tools aligned with World Bank standards.

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