Join IHA's Hydropower Pro online community

The International Hydropower Association’s online community,
Hydropower Pro, brings together hydropower professionals and stakeholders from around the globe to connect, exchange experiences and collaborate.

The online community offers:

  • Knowledge networks - forums for our practitioner groups and regions of interest
  • Resource libraries - essential reports, publications, briefings and case studies
  • User directory - allowing users to connect and network
  • News and blogs - announcements and articles by IHA and experts
  • Multi-platform access - via desktop and mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Email notifications - instant alerts and a weekly digest. 

If you are employed by one of IHA's member organisations, access to Hydropower Pro is free.

If you have any questions, please contact us at



Annual fee (renewed automatically

Non-profit licence
Applies to all individuals working for:

1. Trade associations (hydropower or renewable energy associations),

2. International organisations, and financial institutions,

3. Government, including officials and policy-makers,

4. Academic institutions, research centres and civil society

Also applies to all individual users not covered by any of the above scenarios.
GBP 200 per individual user.
Discounted licence
Applies to:

1. Students aged above 25 years of age.

2. Individuals residing, studying or working in countries defined by the UN as being developing countries.
GBP 100 per individual user (proof required).
Free-user licence
Applies to:

1. Students aged 25 years and below. Applications received within 12 months of a course ending, may also be considered.  

2. Retirees.
Free (proof required).

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